• Chief Konoe getting mad at Tsuzuki.
  • The Chief enjoying a nice cup of coffee.
  • Happy Chief.
  • Taking Tsuzuki's sweets after he failed to come back from lunchbreak 2 hours later.
Chief Konoe
Konoe is the boss of the Shokan Division of EnmaCho, and is Tsuzuki's superior. He has known Tsuzuki for all of the latter's career, and is one of the few characters who knows Tsuzuki's mysterious past before he became a shinigami. Konoe uses his influence to protect Tsuzuki from other higher-ups in Meifu. Konoe is an older man who is often gruff with his employees. He is known for having a sweet tooth and according to an author's note in volume 2 is a black belt in an unknown martial art. He is voiced by Chunky Mon in English, and Tomomichi Nishimura in Japanese.[1]