Terazuma is not mentioned in the anime version (though he is seen briefly in the opening, the first episode, and the last). However, in the manga, he serves as Tsuzuki's rival. He is first introduced in volume 4 of the manga, and states that he is from the EnMaCho ShoKan Division, and is the junior partner of the fourth district Chūgoku. Terazuma was a policeman from Hiroshima in life, which gave him a rough and pessimistic demeanor, as well as a strong sense of duty. He has a parasitic Shikigami (Kagan Kuroshuki), which altered elements of his face to appear more feral. Though he can transform at will into his Shikigami, when touched by a female or exposed to water Terazuma involuntarily becomes a raging beast. In volume four of the manga, he had an embarrassing experience of transforming after touching Hisoka, which causes him humiliation whenever brought up by other characters.
Terazuma and Tsuzuki fight frequently, mostly because Terazuma hates the fact Tsuzuki controls 12 Shikigami, when he was forced to get his own Shikigami and cannot control it, and because he thinks Tsuzuki might steal Wakaba away from him. The rivalry between Tsuzuki and Terazuma has gone far enough to destroy the newly built library in Meifu, of which the damage costs were taken out of both their paychecks.