Hisae Tojyo is a nineteen-year-old dancer who has a small part in the first story from the second book, though she does not appear in the anime series. Her mother died when she was very young; following the event, she and her brother raised themselves. Later in her life she grew very ill from an unspecified disease, and on the way to visit her at the hospital, her brother died in a car accident; as such, she blames herself for his death. Afterward she checked out of the hospital despite her failing health in order to carry out her and her brother's dream to make their dance academy successful. However, her name was on the Kiseki, and a few months later Tsuzuki shows up to deliver the summons and ultimately becomes involved.
Hisae is often found wearing dresses, has dark hair, and is much notably shorter than Tsuzuki. She can have a temper, and jumps to conclusions most of the time without waiting for further explanation.