Relationships Edit Edit

Asato Tsuzuki 

Kurikara considers Tsuzuki to be boring. He appears to have been rejected by Kurikara, but strangely Tsuzuki is able to read Kurikara's emotions very well; so well in fact that Tsuzuki sensed that Kurikara went to war for a reason. Kurikara, oddly as Hisoka, appears to believe that Tsuzuki is an idiot.


Kurikara and Sohryu are brothers that valued each others company. Often fighting together, Kurikara is upset that Sohryu does not question the Celestial Emperor. Nonetheless neither Sohryu nor Kurikara harbor any ill will. One of Kurikara's spirit blades injures Sohryu without his knowledge.


Kurikara at first considered Hisoka to be another human. As such he nearly kills Hisoka, but becomes impressed by his willpower and persistence in wanting to take his trial. Currently, Kurikara has allowed Hisoka to go through his trial. 

Celestial Emperor

Kurikara loathes the Celestial Emperor and chose to betray Sohryu because of his loyalty to him. Kurikara strongly suspects the Celestial Emperor's evil intentions.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Hisoka called Kurikara "kid" because he was shorter than him.