A very frail girl nicknamed "Tsubaki-hime" (Princess Tsubaki) in the anime, but nicknamed Camille in the manga (after the prostitute in the novel The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas, fils), and daughter of a millionaire. She appears in the "King of Swords arc". She was born with a heart defect that Muraki corrected with a transplant during her childhood; after learning this, Tsubaki acquired a crush on Muraki, not knowing that the heart she received was the one of her old friend Eileen, a flower girl who kept her company and whom Muraki killed (along with other people who were involved in human organs traffic) in order to harvest her heart for Tsubaki.
Not long after this surgery, Muraki told her where her heart had come from and proceeded to manipulate her newly found knowledge into an alternate personality who, calling herself Eileen and claiming to be the flower girl's spirit, murdered the other passengers aboard the Queen Camelia for revenge. Tsubaki appears to have been minimally aware of this and attempts to fall for Hisoka in order to detach herself from the doctor. This fails, and so Hisoka goes through with her request to kill her. In the end, he is shown very deeply disturbed after the cruise liner sinks, showing he might have harbored feelings for her as well.
She is voiced by Tara Jayne in English, and Machiko Toyashima and Kumi Sakuma in Japanese, the former playing Tsubaki, and the other playing Eileen.[1]